life after death

Life is Like a Compass

Life is like a compass

Just as our grief doesn’t follow a predictable course like a map, neither does life. In fact, it’s more like a compass because it points you in the general direction and then you figure out where to turn.

We can listen to all sorts of people who try to help us learn how to grieve. There are thousands of books on the subject! But we’re all as different as the leaves on a tree. Grief is a process, not an event!

If you think about the compass inside you, it is your inner wisdom or intuition that guides your way… Continue reading

Celebrating The Journey Through Grief

By Jacqueline Nannini  – My journey from remaining alive to being alive

Death is a word many people understand the meaning of all to well.  According to the dictionary, the definition of death is the end of life, or in other words the person involved has come to the end of his life.  What the dictionary meaning does not refer to is that the family who loved this person has also come to the end of life as they know it.  The obituary will most likely read “survived by “and list the person’s family.  Death has taken during my life time my mother, my father, two husbands and a granddaughter; I know that the term “survived by” is not an accurate description.  The word survives means to continue to prosper, to exist or function. The person in grief is not able to do any of this.  Even though our loved one who is “dead” has come to the end of their life, in so many ways this definition is also true to those who have “survived”. Continue reading