What if loss is natural and can lead to growth?

what-if-loss-is-natural-and-can-lead-to-growthWe all experience losses in life. You’re reading this because you have suffered a loss from the death of someone you loved. But think about all the losses that cause us to experience the same emotions of sadness, anger, uncertainty, depression, and denial. Many people have experienced loss of a marriage from divorce, loss of a job or loss of a pet to name a few.

Last month I lost my home in a fire and the damage was great enough that I have relocated for the next 5-6 months while my home is being rebuilt. Thankfully no one was… Continue reading

Thoughts on Change

p9040005smThis week while riding my bike I got to thinking about the word change and how it affects all of us who grieve loss.

Change is inevitable, just as death is an inevitable part of life, but as I rode on through the beautiful bike trails around my home I wondered how do we accept or embrace change when it isn’t a change we ever wanted and in some cases change we didn’t expect to happen?

Here are a few thoughts I came up with;

– we usually sit in fear of the unknown, which is when the change is… Continue reading

Courage To Heal Your Heart

istock_000005337376xsmallI got to thinking this week on what it takes to heal your broken heart after a loss and the word that came to me was courage.  I know it isn’t always easy to get up each day and go on with life after suffering a loss of a loved one, it takes courage.  Here are a few thoughts to help you through;

  • Challenge yourself to be happy again
  • Be grateful for the life you have NOW
  • Time for change offers time to be creative, let your creativity blossom!
  • Celebrate who you are, might mean really getting… Continue reading

Lessons We Learn In Grief

This posting is being shared by my new friend Diana Sebzda, Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in issues of anticipatory grief, grief and pet loss.


When we lose someone we love, it is often our memories that sustain us and give us comfort, unless our memories are ones of regret.  How is it possible to have memories of regret?

Think about the last time we had an argument with our loved one and went to bed angry, left the house, or didn’t speak for days.  Think about how we tend… Continue reading

Global Grief Requires Healing

Right now at this place in time I believe much of the world is experiencing grief from loss of jobs, income, savings and sense of self.  If you have lost a job you might feel a loss of your self-identity, isolated and alone.  These are all feelings that we go through when we experience loss.  We all know people experiencing this type of journey through grief and many people are mourning their losses outwardly.   We must mourn the loss in order to heal and move forward.

Here are a few tips to share with anyone… Continue reading

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