Honor & Memorialize Loves Ones

This is Memorial Day in the U.S. — like every Memorial Day — we commemorate and remember those who’ve given their lives for our freedoms and our nation.  For every veteran and every active duty soldier and individual in military uniform — thank you. Thank you for the sacrifice you continue to make every day on our behalf. And for every family who’s lost a soldier due to service to their country — thank you.

Visiting a cemetery is really an important mourning ritual.  It can help us to embrace our loss and remember the person who died.… Continue reading

How One Mother Honored the Death of Her Son

By Madeline Sharples

 The day our son Paul died, the director of development at Crossroads School, where Paul and his brother Ben had attended high school, called. She was sympathetic, soothing, and selling as is the way with development directors for non-profits. I know. I used to be one. What she suggested was an endowment fund in his memory that would benefit the high school’s jazz music program. How smart she was. As a jazz pianist and composer Paul had greatly benefited from that program, so I was sold on giving back to it immediately. By the time of… Continue reading

The Other Day In Home Depot

Just the other day I had to run into Home Depot searching for something for my house and as I wandered the aisles this great wave of anxiety and some sadness hit me like a pile of bricks…I remembered all the trips I made to Home Depot while my late husband was remodeling our house and he would send me out to pick something up and inevitably I would call him from the store because I couldn’t quite figure out what he wanted.

So as I wandered the aisles that day I thought, I have no one to call and… Continue reading

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