My Heart Must Go On – Grieving a Child’s Suicide

Gracie  Thompson, author, mother

I can no more stop loving my child who lives than I can stop loving my child who died

Dare I return to the beginning of sorrows? Yes, I dare to return to my story, but in a different way ~ through my heart. My heart was no more than a beating, necessary-for-life organ until my son’s heart stopped beating.
Over the years I have thought more deeply, even spiritually, about this vital organ and I will share some of my thoughts with you for your consideration and response if you like.

Now at year thirteen, I have had a… Continue reading

How One Mother Honored the Death of Her Son

By Madeline Sharples

 The day our son Paul died, the director of development at Crossroads School, where Paul and his brother Ben had attended high school, called. She was sympathetic, soothing, and selling as is the way with development directors for non-profits. I know. I used to be one. What she suggested was an endowment fund in his memory that would benefit the high school’s jazz music program. How smart she was. As a jazz pianist and composer Paul had greatly benefited from that program, so I was sold on giving back to it immediately. By the time of… Continue reading

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