The Other Day In Home Depot

Just the other day I had to run into Home Depot searching for something for my house and as I wandered the aisles this great wave of anxiety and some sadness hit me like a pile of bricks…I remembered all the trips I made to Home Depot while my late husband was remodeling our house and he would send me out to pick something up and inevitably I would call him from the store because I couldn’t quite figure out what he wanted.

So as I wandered the aisles that day I thought, I have no one to call and ask if I was getting the right part? It’s funny how these emotions hit you in the most unexpected times and places.

As I was driving home the pictures that reminded me of times gone by kept flashing in front of me like an old movie and I took some deep breathes and just went with it, let the feelings flow and the memories stay alive within me just one more time.

As the years go by there still are times when something sets me back in time to remember the life I once had, it’s usually the little things that set my heart beating a little faster and the tears well up in my eyes, I’ve just learned that one one thing ends, something else begins and I am want to be open for whatever that is.

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