The Shack – A Story of Heartache To Healing

If you haven’t read the book, “The Shack”, I highly recommend it to everyone.  It is a loving story of a man’s journey through grief, faith and forgiveness.  He finds strength to  face his great sadness and come to a new understanding about life, love and beyond.   I don’t want to say more for those who haven’t read it yet, but it is a real page turner.

Today I had the honor of meeting the author, William Paul Young at a book signing event and later that evening to hear him speak.  His personal story is incredible in that he started out to write a short story for his kids… Mr. Young refers to his story as a “God thing” and what a story it is.

I believe  Paul Young will help many with this story of  heartache to healing.  He is an inspiration at a time when people want hope and to believe again.

Wm. Paul Young & JoAnne Funch

Paul Young & Me

Signing Book

Signing Book

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