Thoughts on Change

p9040005smThis week while riding my bike I got to thinking about the word change and how it affects all of us who grieve loss.

Change is inevitable, just as death is an inevitable part of life, but as I rode on through the beautiful bike trails around my home I wondered how do we accept or embrace change when it isn’t a change we ever wanted and in some cases change we didn’t expect to happen?

Here are a few thoughts I came up with;

– we usually sit in fear of the unknown, which is when the change is unexpected or unwanted (surrender to the unknown, even if you have to force yourself)

– fear can paralyze us from moving (so do what you know how to do today and tomorrow the next step will be given)

– change is uncomfortable (so breathe your way through it, yes lots of deep breaths, be conscience of letting go of fear)

– Surrender to the fear, doubt and change ( out of surrender will come grace & a new you)

– Sometimes change just requires some faith in knowing everything will be alright (this doesn’t mean you forget,  faith just asks that we believe in something greater than ourselves and our fear)

“Life is change – Growth is optional – Choose Wisely.” Karen Kaiser Clark

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