Tips on Self-Care

Often when we are grieving a loss, we become so overcome in our sorrow that we neglect ourselves;

Please consider some of the following ideas;

1. Keep up on your normal appointments for hair care and nail care.  You may feel sad inside, but looking good does help go along way to helping you feel better.

2. If you can go one step beyond the hair and nail care, take time for a massage or reflexology. These are wonderful pampering services that help you relax and take a breath for an hour.

3. Go out for lunch and/or dinner. Getting out of the house for the change of scenery and letting someone else cook gives you an hour of relaxation.

4.  If someone offers help, please say YES.   Remember family, friends and neighbors  want to help you during this difficult time and if they can help mow your lawn, run errands, make a meal, help with finances or the car let them.

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