Touch Someone Else’s Life

Sometimes the best remedy for grief is to find ways to touch someone else’s life. This is something that has helped me and I’ve seen it help others I know as well.  Through  your own grief try opening up  and observing the needs around you, there will be ways you can take your own experiences and develop skills to help others in need. Often time grief can isolate and create loneliness, volunteering is a good way to get back into life regardless of your age.  Seniors can volunteer in their communities, churches and senior centers. Younger people can volunteer to serve in so many ways, a great resource is Volunteer Match, a website where you put in your zip code and a list of all volunteer activities in your area are listed.  You can find volunteer activities just about anywhere, just be open to serve.

If your loved one died from an illness, perhaps a meaningful volunteer position would be for the non-profit doing research on that disease.  Choose something meaningful because I guarantee this will help you heal and benefit others along the way.

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