Loss of Spouse

I transformed my life from sadness & despair following the death of my spouse to fulfillment, joy and peace –
and you can too.


Grieving the death of a spouse is some of the most difficult work you will ever have to do. It may feel especially difficult getting your life back on track; you don’t know what to do or how to “be” without your partner. I understand because I am a widow myself, and I was determined to learn how to find happiness and live a fulfilling life again and you can too. I have spent many years committed to understanding grief, learning ways to reconcile to my loss and how to find meaning and a life that matters. I have committed to this journey so I might help others find their way to happiness again.

As the founder of Heartache To Healing, a grief support website, I discovered that

  • People do want help
  • They want to connect with those who share their same experience, who understand their pain when everyone else around them has moved on.

My 6 week workshop “Transforming Your Life Following The Death of a Spouse” has been one of my most in-demand workshops and the reason I am now offering it online so more people can learn to heal and live life fully again.

The goal of this online course is to provide you a means to get support and acknowledgement for your loss easily from the comfort of your home. In the online workshop you will learn;

  • Learn to communicate your needs in asking for help and consistent support beyond the obvious
  • Learn to cope with your feelings of loss when everyone else seemingly has moved on
  • How To embrace your new role as single rather than as a couple and deal with feelings of being left out of a world filled with couples
  • From widowhood to self hood: Rediscover who you were when before you were a couple
  • How to take fun seriously – learning that every moment is not about death & grief
  • How to live an empowered life – taking responsibility for living a life of passion & meaning.
  • As a bonus: How to cope with the significant dates; wedding anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and more

I am offering this course that many have taken and gained amazing clarity and purpose for only


$395  including my personal audio guidance to each session and the downloadable worksheets intended to help you with moving forward in your life.(I didn’t say moving on, I said forward!)

  • The regular price for this in-person workshops is $495
  • The home study course includes downloadable audio’s you can listen to again and again – VALUE $120.00
  • TOTAL VALUE is $615.00

>>>PLUS the bonus items INCLUDING my personal email, which I don’t give out freely, but I want to be available to you throughout if you have questions.

If you have been to grief therapy you know that at a minimum you are charged $100 per hour, and often you are encouraged to take six to twelve sessions and would typically spend $600-$1200 – and often you leave with no real action steps or ideas on what to do next and how to find happiness again. (Typical therapy isn’t about action steps) I’m not only offering my popular workshop at a significant discount, but throwing in as a bonus tips on “How To Cope With Significant Dates” and my personal email address inviting you to contact me with any questions, comments or well, anything you want to share with me in confidence.




Bonus #2 – I will send you 5 of my Grief Support Card
The grief card is designed for you the mourner to give out to those people you want to understand, remember and support you along your journey through grief. We are not meant to grieve alone, and yet many people do not know how to support you. You can give them this small card where you write in the name of your spouse who has died, the date of the death and your name. I want your friends and family to support you during your grief journey.




PS.Here’s my 100% “Better Than Risk Free Take It To The Bank” Guarantee. I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort to apply even a few of these ideas to understanding, and growing through your grief, you will see positive results in your thinking in a few short weeks if you are committed to change. But if you aren’t 100% satisfied, let me know and I’ll issue you an immediate, no-hassle refund.


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