What Can Faith Do to Heal Your Grief?

I talk with people about their losses all the time and it seems evident to me that more often than not it is ones faith that see’s them through their darkest, most difficult times.  Mourners most often feel comforted by their faith more than they feel abandoned by it.  Also to be noted is that even with a strong faith this does not make one immune from grieving a loss of a loved one, but what is does seem to do is beyond the tears and saddness there is a certainty about their loved one being in a peaceful place.  If one believes in God or some higher power than themselves at some point they always seems to be comforted in death and the fact that we all live and we all die and there is some higher purpose to our lives.

*Christian and Hebrew Scriptures say that loss and grief are universal human experiences and psychologists tell us that the process of mourning is often prolonged, painful, and emotionally complex.

Members of the clergy are often sought for counsel in situations associated with grief and loss. In a survey of over 1,200 American adults, 89 percent said that if they were facing their own death, they would find comfort in “believing in [the] loving presence of God or [a] Higher Power,” and 71 percent said they would be comforted by a visit from a clergyperson.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, clergy officiate at approximately 1.5 million funeral or memorial services annually in the US. This means that every year clergy and other church leaders interact with millions of people who are grieving the loss of a close friend and/or family member.

Religious faith can help individuals cope with the death of a loved one. Several studies in diverse populations have shown a positive relationship between religious involvement and a successful response to the loss of a family member or close friend. Faith communities can offer both social support and a cognitive framework to address grief and loss.

A friend emailed me this song recently, its beautiful and powerful song about What Faith Can Do and I want to share it with you, regardless of your specific faith I hope the song gives you hope and inspires comfort;

CLICK LINK: That’s What Faith Can Do

*portion of post by Andrew J. Weaver is a United Methodist minister and research psychologist living in New York City, USA. He has co-authored 14 books including Counseling Survivors of Traumatic Events (Abingdon, 2003) and Reflections on Grief and the Spiritual Journey (Abingdon, 2005).
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