Why do we regress during the holidays?

Holiday time is all about regression, we think alot about the past, what was and those loved ones no longer here that we celebrated the holidays with, this is why holiday time can be so difficult.

Family will often stop you from grieving during this time because they don’t want you to be sad so they won’t bring up the loved one that died. So often times its easier  to be with friends who will let you talk about the great times you had with your deceased loved one. Talking is a part of grieving and just know that especially during the holiday season you moods might wave up and down because you should feel a longing for the ones that are no longer with you.  Just  know you will get through this time of year and you will even laugh and find joy.  You might even feel guilt for being happy instead of being grief ridden – many people experience this too.  Just know you will get through the holiday season as long as you feel hope and love from those you surround yourself with.

Wishing each one of you much joy during this holiday season.

in love & hope,  JoAnne

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