Write About Your Feelings

As you attempt to deal with your sadness, anger, and fear you may find it helpful to write about those feelings. Writing about your feelings helps to unload some of that pressure because it gives you a way to express your emotions.  Grief is a journey and grieving is a process, writing is a tool that can help you on your journey to heal.

Some find it helpful to write letters to those they’ve lost, others write their feelings in a journal which is what I do and still others may write in blogs or grief forums such as this.  Choose a tool that works for you, trust your intuition and write whatever your heart is feeling. You will change, your writing will change and you will write for yourself or be inspired to write for others as I do here.

If you feel inspired to share, please write your comments after any of the postings you read on this blog, sharing with others is a healing experience so let’s pass it on!I always welcome your personal comments by emailing me at: joanne@heartachetohealing.com

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