You Are Not Alone – Ask For Help

istock_000002140240xsmallAs we experience a loss it is important that you reach out and ask for help. Telling someone what you need is not shameful, nor is a sign of weakness. But asking for help may make you vulnerable and uncomfortable if you are used to doing everything yourself. (I say that from experience)

Most people feel helpless around you and would do anything to ease your pain, but we must remember to ask and not presume the people who love us are psychic!

Here are a few suggestions on tasks to start with;

– ask a neighbor kid to mow the lawn, pull some weeds or tend to your garden

– ask your brother, father or neighbor to help with anything related to fixing or repairing household projects

– ask someone for help with your finances, preferably someone you trust and feel has skill with money

– ask a friend to accompany you out to dinner once a week in the beginning of loss, this will aid in the feeling of lonliness

– ask a sister, mother or girlfriend to babysit the kids so you can have some time to yourself and take that time to rejuvenate

Now think of something in your situation and take the step to ask for help – you will be glad you did.

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